Working for the Owner, a pre-bid Schedule Feasibility Study was prepared which included a more efficient sequence and staging plan for construction of this 4,600 ft rock tunnel. We  also assisted in the development of the Contract CPM scheduling provisions. After award of the first contract, the Contractor’s schedule and progress submittals were reviewed. Analysis of pay applications and change orders was also performed.


We established an on-site Project Control Department in order to improve the management of the project and resolve the Contractor’s claims.  This included instituting an Owner Project Progress Report to better analyze progress and performance as well as coordinating the Owner's track work with the Contractor’s efforts.


Delays, design changes, and unforeseen conditions experienced by the Main Contractor (MC) were evaluated on behalf of the MC related to its contract to repair and rehabilitate multiple berths at an existing harbor facility.  This included an assessment of a claim by the MC’s largest subcontractor. The Final Account for the Subcontractor was developed and Expert Reports related to these issues were prepared facilitating settlement without litigation.

Our staff has experience in design, and construction of large-scale civil and transportation projects of all types (roads, bridges, rail, ships, airports, etc.).

Our understanding of the transportation design and construction process enhances our ability to serve our clients needs.

We have active project experience on over 10 projects, and forensic experience on over 33 projects.


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