The General Contractor (GC) submitted a claim to the Owner for alleged Owner-caused delays and cost overruns. An Expert Report evaluating these claims demonstrated that the GC was only entitled to 20% of its claimed damages. Our assistance in these negotiations resulted in the Surety accepting the original offer.


Project Management assistance was provided to the Joint Venture designing and managing the construction of the plant.  This included planning, scheduling, estimating, budgeting, and contract administration from design through bidding.  Coordination of the design work was performed using earned value methods.  During bidding, the construction contracting plan was developed to divide the work into manageable contracts.


An Owner selected a Supplier to furnish and install a dry scrubber for a coal-burning power plant.  The Supplier changed the lime hydration system, and the system installer made a claim for increased costs allegedly due to the equipment change.  An evaluation of the changes to foundations, steel, piping, electrical, and instrumentation, was performed and set forth in an Expert Report.  This report  was employed by the Supplier to reach a successful resolution.

Our staff has experience in design, construction, commissioning, and start-up of most environmental plants.

Our understanding of the design and construction process enhances our ability to manage and mitigate environmental project risk.

We have project experience on over 5 projects, and forensic experience on over 15 projects.

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