The Owner of a semi-submersible drill rig engaged a JV to modify the rig to make it capable of drilling and processing oil and gas.  After completion, the JV filed a claim against  the Owner.  Our Expert Report analyzed the JV's claim, schedules, budgets, change orders, and actual costs.  Our participation in several negotiations, and Expert Testimony at mediation facilitated settlement.


The Owner of a new dynamically positioned drill ship needed to re-configure the drill ship to comply with the Producer’s requested modifications before commencing operations.  Our staff managed the project on behalf of the Owner, representing the Owner in its interfaces with the Producer.  This included scheduling, estimating, and contract management of the reconfiguration.  Our team developed work packages for Producer-required modifications and performed onboard inspections of the installed work.


The Owner was presented with a claim by the Shipyard related to the conversion of a moth-balled semi-submersible drill rig into a tender assist platform. We performed a detailed analysis of labor expenditures, equipment utilization, and payments earned by and made to subcontractors which formed the basis of an Expert Report. The matter settled shortly after Expert Reports were exchanged.

We have experience working within operating Shipyards and Owner organizations at the manager level.

DMCG’s senior staff has experience in design, construction, commissioning, and start-up of most offshore drill rigs and many types of ships. (New-build & Renovation)

We have active project experience (with rigs and ships) on more than 50 projects, and forensic experience on over 35 projects.

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